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Cheating Death: Magic, Memoirs & Mortality

Cheating Death: Magic, Memoirs & MortalityWritten and performed by Nelson Lugo, CHEATING DEATH: MAGIC, MEMOIRS & MORTALITY is a hilariously sad dark comedy. A personal examination of one magician's life - or more specifically - his many brushes with death. The often funny yet raw vulnerability in the stories is heightened by the wonder, intimacy, and sometimes danger of the classically performed parlour magic. The result is a joyful celebration of life and all of its varied deaths.


CHEATING DEATH reminds those of us on this side of the dirt that learning to find happiness, not in spite of, but because of sadness, is the most powerful magic we can create.

Gathering The Magic

Gathering The MagicGATHERING THE MAGIC is a solo performance event in which master magician Nelson Lugo combines slice-of-life storytelling with sophisticated stage magic to produce an extraordinary theatrical experience. In the style of NPR's The Moth combined with classic turn-of-the-century magic, Nelson Lugo lures his audience into an intricate web of pop cultural influences and life lessons as he presents magic in a whole new way.

GATHERING THE MAGIC is a 90 minute exploration of one magician’s journey: A timeless tale of “boy meets magic kit/boy becomes magician,” packed with pitfalls, triumph and adventure.

Descended from a genuine Santeria, Nelson Lugo has evolved his singular magical style for more than 15 years, showcasing classic prestidigitation with a wink and a nod to the nerd culture that has shaped him. GATHERING THE MAGIC is in its essence a love story which asks if there can be truth in deception, for it’s not always so important HOW a trick is done, but WHY.

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