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Nelson Lugo: Reviews

[He] stands, irreverent [and] witty...

Michael Canick of Michael Canick Booksellers, L.L.C.

...true originality and invaluable contribution to our season...

Sara Berg :: Artistic Director of the Titans Theatre Company

Nelson Lugo is a triple threat: charm, skill and cunning grace. There have been many performers who have graced the Red Hots Burlesque stage, but no one commands an audience like Nelson. His acts range from comedic to beautiful and all of them have one thing in common, perfection. He's as comfortable walking around a room engaging small groups of people, as he is keeping an audience of hundreds rapt at attention. Nelson Lugo is someone I am thrilled to see perform.

Dottie Lux :: Founding Member of the Red Hots Burlesque, informative and sometimes mind blowing evening of tricks and hocus-pocus. I'll go see this guy anytime, anywhere... his egg trick is one for the ages!

Tony Sportiello :: Artistic Director of Algonquin Theater Productions
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