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Nelson Lugo: Reviews

My very first review as a circus ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus

"The ringmaster, Nelson Lugo, who has replaced an ill John Kennedy Kane for the Queens run, does a fine job in linking segments into a truly transformative show."

"the show, and Mr. Lugo, are an utter delight. Mr. Lugo’s enthusiasm and love for his craft gives us, the audience, a deeper appreciation of why we love magic tricks so much."

"Nelson Lugo's stories are captivating, and he has excised so much of what some people hate about magic that I strongly urge non-fans to see this unique performance. They will be pleasantly surprised. If you are an aficionado of magic, you probably already have tickets."

"Lugo is a fine raconteur and eminently likeable."
"Tales are told with excellent pacing and focus; humor emerges deftly."


"...engaging...lots of laughs..."
New York Post

...the rock star of the local burlesque scene...

New York Magazine
"...hip prestidigitator... wows audiences with illusions and sleight-of-hand."
Time Out New York
"...slick...creates a convincing chemistry..."
Back Stage
"...mesmerizing...excels at making it real and believable."
Stage Press Weekly
"...wit, sophistication, comedy and magic... one spellbinding show. The magic leaves audiences wondering... and one can not deny [his] charismatic charm."
Washington Square News
"...the best of the sideshow set."
"...hottie magician...a man who knows all the tricks..."
"...manages to be funny and gasp-inducingly astounding and sparklingly smart and sophisticated all at once... "
"...talented ...uproarious! will be hearing a lot about this performer in the future."
The Spellbinder
"I really loved it!"
The Columbia Spectator
"...fantastic show...he definitely wowed us..."
The Blinking Ring - The Newsletter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians


Burlesque is a very misunderstood performance art. Before I attended my first burlesque show a few years ago, I was under the impression that a burlesque show was no different then a female strip show. I was so wrong. While burlesque does include striptease, there are always pasties and g-strings at the end of a performance. Performances are more about humor and storytelling then getting naked. This misunderstanding is why I decided to sit down with one of the most popular geek burlesque executive producers, Nelson Lugo from Epic Win Burlesque in New York City.

From humble beginnings as a young boy playing with his magic kit, Nelson Lugo has become New York’s premier burlesque-show prestidigitator. He’s also the host and producer of the geekiest burlesque show in town, Epic Win Burlesque.

After a couple of years of seeing him perform, I finally had a chance to chat with award-winning actor and magician Nelson Lugo.  The 11-year-old kid inside me was thrilled at the thought of getting to talk to a real live magician.

I had the opportunity to interview Nelson Lugo, the producer of EPIC WIN, and we talked about his carreer, what burlesque is and what it isn’t, his introduction into comics, what fans can look forward to at the show and much more.

Epic Win Burlesque manages to meld disparate and often-contradictory elements into a cohesive and articulate aesthetic, and should be celebrated for bringing burlesque to a younger audience and perpetuating its ability to evolve as an art form.

Acting as emcee as well as co-producer of the troupe is Lugo, who has been with Epic Win from the beginning. Lugo (literally) has a few tricks up his sleeve that he uses to entertain patrons in a much different fashion as a magician in-between performances by the ladies of the troupe. Lugo and Epic Win are keeping their momentum as one of the premiere burlesque crews in the country going strong, even in the face of change.


...a showstopper...slick and sure to please...he delighted the crowd...

Constance Tarbox :: President, The Faux-Real Theatre Company

...What can I say? This guy is a hoot! ...a hysterical show...

Mike (Professor Putter) Makman :: An Award Winning Magician

...An excellent performer with a wonderful and original show...I highly recommend it!...

Torkova :: An Internationally Award Winning Master Magician
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