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Nelson Lugo: Shows

Gathering The Magic

(slice-of-life storytelling & sophisticated stage magic)
Written / Performed by Nelson Lugo

Nelson Lugo's Marvels and Magic (A Steampunk Magic Show)

(Step up, ladies and gentlemen, and witness the miracles of modern science!)
A steampunk-inspired magic sideshow with burlesque (18+)


(A loving tribute to the classic sideshows of Coney Island.)

Beyond The Veil

(Mind Reading... Spirit Writing... Ghost Talking... Oh My!)

Close-Up Collection

(This show is exactly what it's called...)

Scams, Cheats and Con Games

(The right way to do wrong!)


(Magic for that special occasion.)

Tradeshow Magic

(Have Wand... Will Travel)

Classic Old-Timey Medicine Show

(coming soon...)