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Nelson Lugo: Shows

Nelson Lugo's Marvels and Magic (A Steampunk Magic Show)

(Step up, ladies and gentlemen, and witness the miracles of modern science!)
A steampunk-inspired magic sideshow with burlesque (18+)


Offered to you at this historic juncture in scientific advancement, we present...

A Steampunk Magic Show!

Witness an in-depth exploration of the wonders of science today! Just think how the discovery of fire must have appeared to the caveman – so, too, do the mysteries of today’s extraordinary technological achievements appear to us now!

In this jam-packed spectacle you will witness the supremacy of robotics as lifeless mechanical pieces are put together to create a beautiful, moving, thinking, speaking and anatomically correct automaton- D.O.L.L. (Dessert Operated Lascivious Lady)!

You will observe a demonstration of the extraordinary power of time travel as Nelson and his lovely mechanical assistant search for the perfect cherry pie.

Next, Nelson compels his automated assistant to rile up the audience with a steamy burlesque number.

As an added bonus, in a fearless feat of daredevil proportions you will be treated to the aptly named apparatus known only as The Blade Box O’Death!

Will Nelson’s bionic beauty survive an encounter with this infamous device? Find out face-to-face when Nelson invites every member of his audience to come to the stage to peer into the inner workings of this diabolical contraption.

All of this and so much more will be exhibited for your viewing pleasure. Every show is filled to capacity with music, laughs, science... and a little magic for good measure. Come for the science, stay for the magic!